According to, the pace of home sales relative to inventory reached a new record high in February, as sellers gained leverage and buyers benefited from lower mortgage rates. 500,000 homeowners across the country could face possible foreclosure If this is the case for you, then you’ll have a seller’s market as soon as people are allowed to go back out shopping. It all depends on how much longer the nation must deal with the coronavirus pandemic as well as how quickly the economy can recover. Feverpitched via Getty Images. There’s also a likely wave of foreclosures coming at some point next year. According to the National Association of Realtors, the national housing affordability index was 162.10 in March 2020 compared to 153.40 in March 2019. Hospitality, including … Related: Will There Be a Real Estate Boom Post COVID-19? Will There Be a US Foreclosure Crisis in 2020? Really, the Seattle housing market is thriving. But if you can, you may want to wait a few months to see is things will shift from a buyer’s market to a more balanced market. Dallas real estate attorney Rachel Khirallah says she's not seeing really September’s 6.54 million in sales has left the market with only 2.7 … dramatically change come 2021, and many of those financial benefits will end. The mortgage giant currently predicts the economy and home sales both to rebound in 2021. This adds to the millions of households seeing their income drop. They also expect that house values would rise again sometime during the latter part of 2021. But recently, a number of housing and economic experts have issued their real estate market forecasts for the US. The housing market is in a tricky situation given massive unemployment, continued shelter-in-place, the coronavirus, and tremendous uncertainty. Even though the US housing market likely won’t be the cause of the next recession, a downturn in the economy would still have an impact on the real estate market. In its latest outlook, the economic and housing research group predicted that US home prices would level off or dip slightly (0.5%) over the next four quarters. months that could more than double the number of households threatened with Fannie Mae’s Duncan offers 2021 housing market forecast The economist shares his thoughts on the unemployment rate, housing starts, the likelihood of … According to economists, the spillover to the housing market will rely upon the length, depth, and severity of the 2020 coronavirus recession. level of about 145,000 to roughly 336,000, and that's just in the second I promise you it will make you feel better.". now. foreclosure process would shoot up more than 100-percent, from the current Also, home-building activity following the Great Recession didn’t keep up with the demand, creating a significant gap in the marketplace. Amid COVID-19 uncertainty, 2021 will be a robust sellers market as home prices hit new highs (+5.7%) and buyer competition remains strong, according to the® 2021 housing forecast released today. Airbnb Occupancy Rate Up 13% as Market Recovers. How to Get Into Rental Properties with Mashvisor. All rights reserved, Residential Foreclosure Activity in U.S. Could Easily Double Over Coming Year. However, increasing interest… Either way, COVID-19 will have a large impact on the U.S. housing market in 2021. According to’s Housing Market Recovery Index, the Seattle metro area crossed the benchmark for recovery back in June 2020 and has been doing well ever since.As of October, the Index sits at around 120.'s forecast and housing market predictions on key trends that will shape the year ahead. throughout the rest of 2021 because of delinquent loan payments. “When we go to the housing market forecast,” he added, “all good news. Here are my housing predictions for 2021. This current market stall presents a unique challenge when tracking how real estate trends are performing now and what to expect moving forward. So far, experts are optimistic that we will not see a housing market crash throughout the rest of 2020. assistance through unemployment has kept homeowners afloat. Rebuilding America:San Angelo real estate continues to thrive, despite COVID-19 concerns While sales have increased, the amount of homes on the market has decreased to a … “If you are at that point, you Another capital city will take a housing market hit heading into 2021. The end result is a significant drop in the average household income while the cost of the average home remains almost unchanged. On the demand side, the fast increase in unemployment as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and its accompanying stay-at-home orders will limit many Americans’ ability to afford a purchase as big as a home. By. The COVID-19 pandemic will continue to touch every corner of the housing market in 2021. When it comes to home prices, for example, some markets could sail through the current crisis with a mere slowdown in price appreciation, but others could feel a measurable drop. But experts have warned that the housing market is running on borrowed time. As listings start coming to the market, this accumulation of listings will drive up months’ supply figures. Anywhere from about 225,000 to Why Experts Predict 2021 Is The Year To Buy A Home, Despite Coronavirus. Zillow predicts that home prices will fall 2-3% as a result of the novel coronavirus by the end of 2021. The only exception, however, would be for owners of affordable homes that are in short supply. So you’re hoping to buy or sell a home and want to know what the housing market forecast is like—especially after the coronavirus outbreak. People now ask if this will cause a housing market crash. Everything depends on how much longer the nation must deal with the coronavirus pandemic and how quickly the economy is able to recover from the blow. Some have forecast big price falls next year. Poor economic data and the accelerated spread of COVID-19 overshadowed encouraging vaccine-related news. October 1, 2020 COVID-19, Data, Housing Demand, Housing Supply, Market Outlook covid19 housing inventory housing market housing prices inventory real estate … Existing Home Sales Up 21% in June Amid... No US Housing Bubble Crash in Sight, Expert... How to Calculate the Rate of Return on a Rental Property. According to Freddie Mac, they don’t expect house prices to dip significantly because the “fiscal stimulus provided by the CARES Act will mute the impact that the economic shock has on house prices”. information. Affordability was already an issue for the housing market 2020, even before the coronavirus hit. Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is expected to see a housing market downturn of 2.3%, the worst in the nation, after the coronavirus pandemic. "The New Zealand economy remains vulnerable." The housing market is in a tricky situation given massive unemployment, continued shelter-in-place, the coronavirus, and tremendous uncertainty. Related: Pending Home Sales Reach Lowest Level Since 2011. We also expect this to be the case seeing that some markets are still great locations for investing in real estate and buying rental property. If you absolutely need to sell, expect homes to be slow to sell. 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For years, the US housing market was described as a strong seller’s market. risk of losing their home and already behind on their mortgage payments, "For Texas for example, I wouldn't be surprised if we saw anywhere from a 100-percent increase in where the foreclosures where this year, versus where they are next year, in other words, I would not be surprised if we saw between 100 and 200,000 foreclosures in Texas within the next year,” said Khirallah.
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