Courses include: Media Theories, Film History, East Asian Cinema, Hispanic Cinema, Digital Cinema Production, Editing, History of Video Games, The Hollywood Musical, On-Camera Acting, Writing About … The Film and Media Studies major at Smith College comprises 10 courses: FMS 150 Introduction to Film and Media Studies (offered every fall) Media History (a survey course covering approximately 50 years of one moving image medium's global history); FMS 250 Global Cinema after WWII satisfies this requirement. A film studies salary, for example, can differ: some positions, such as film producers, don't have set salaries, but make a percentage of a movie's profits. The degree will include general education courses as well as classes in things like video and sound design, film, and web production. Devoted to the critical study of moving images, the program also offers coursework in film and media … Unfollow: RISD's Social Media President Receives No-Confidence Vote, Texting with Teachers: Cell Phones and Social Media in Virginia Schools. Independence University responds quickly to information requests through this website. Cultivate your voice as an independent filmmaker and gain advanced production skills with the Bachelor of Arts in Film and Media Arts in Temple’s School of Theater, Film and Media Arts.Develop a specialization by focusing on one of four degree concentrations within this major, including Cinematography, Post-Production, Producing and Screen Studies. Foreign language courses: Foreign language proficiency through the first-year level required. Students who graduate with a BA in film and media studies will have: 1. A media studies major is one way to break into the television and film business as a writer, director or producer. Writers who work directly for television and film are called screenwriters or scriptwriters and can be hired as employees or independent contractors. Salaries also vary depending on your location and level of experience. This option merges aesthetics and social sciences and is appropriate for those seeking a more theoretical/critical approach to the study of film and video. A media studies major is a 4-year degree that teaches you to critically examine all types of media - including film, television, advertising, journalism and digital media - to understand how it impacts, and is impacted by, society. Liberty University responds quickly to information requests through this website. Courses focus on the histories and theories of cinematic, electronic, and digital media in addition to providing the opportunity for practical experience in film/media production. Film and Media Studies Major The Art & Architecture Library is a key resource to faculty and students. Southern New Hampshire University responds quickly to information requests through this website. FMS 280: Film and Media Theory. About the Department. This option is designed for students interested in studying the art, history, and criticism of film and television. The UCSB Department of Film and Media Studies offers one of the longest standing and most successful undergraduate critical studies majors in the country. Film and Media Studies Major The Film and Media Studies major provides students with an interdisciplinary understanding of the history, theory and socio-cultural aspects of media, alongside artistic production and digital multi-media skills. A bachelor's in media studies may qualify you for a variety of positions. Media and communication degrees can be completed in four years. It is recommended that students considering a major in film and media studies take FILMSTUD 4 Introduction to Film Study, and are encouraged to take either ARTHIST 1A or ARTHIST 1B during their frosh or sophomore year. This is an exciting field, with many options to combine explorations of media artworks, histories, industries, and audiences with production of media art. –2020-2021 Students will be admitted to full Film and Media Studies major status only after they complete Film and Media Studies 46, 70, and 96 with no grade below C, and with a UC grade-point average of at least 2.0 in all pre-major courses. As a film and media studies major, you'll have the opportunity to work with this dedicated faculty on advanced research, studying almost anything that interests you. These fields are all part of the entertainment and sales family and require a lot of creativity and originality. You can get a media studies degree from a number of universities, including art and online schools.
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