1600x1105px 2.43 MB. Kion's name comes from the word Kiongozi, which means Leader in Swahili. Young Kion and Bunga with Zazu. I don't think this version of Kion will be as wrong and evil as Scar, but the "circle of life" system will be slightly revised. Fuli said in a calm, soothing voice. By Zacepka Watch. Fuli is one of the main characters and the tritagonist in the 2015 TV film The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar and its 2016 follow-up series The Lion Guard, both based on the 1994 film The Lion King. Kion after being scarred by Ushari. She'sa cheetah cub who along with her friends Kion, Bunga, Ono, and Beshte form The Lion Guard to protect The Pride Lands from threats such as hyenas. Fuli is the tritagonist (later supporting character) of the Disney Junior show The Lion Guard. Register Start a Wiki. After loitering around the Pride Rock for a while, Fuli finally decided to enter the Lion Guard's cave, where Rafiki had drawn all the history of the Lion Guard on its walls. 14 Comments. But Kion then finds Mwenzi's scent on a tree, and Fuli confirms that it's recent. Image size. 1K Views. IMAGE DETAILS. Katie tried to comfort her but Kiara didn't want nothing to do with her after her brother kidnapped me and Fuli to kill Kovu. Everything have been peaceful since Janja was gone and Kion and Fuli have been a couple for a year now. So, I decided to give her both a new nose and the face stripe. Now an adolescent in Season 3. Fuli and Kion brace for impact with some unknown creatures in the underbrush. Even if Kion married Rani, in the next season (IF they ever do one), they could separate (or something could happen) and Fuli will become the new bride. Elle est une guéparde, en particulier un guépard royal, et sa capacité est sa très grande vitesse. Her love interest is Azaad. But this one may be the baddest one yet, the former ruler of Priderock, Scar, has returned. Kion and Fuli. Fuli looked shocked; she looked down at Kion holding her, then back at his face. fuli said looking over at kion. Fuli does show that she cares for Bunga as a friend as seen in Fuli's New Family when he is bitten by Ushari. "Fuli!" Since she could run so fast, she would look like one. Kion and the Lion Guard as teenagers. Fuli: goodnight kion. The Return Of Evil #3 by Kion x fuli. Wikis. Kion! Image size. Sheis one of Kion's friends and a former member of the Lion Guard. See more ideas about Акварельні квіти, Бембі, Малюнки. Les kion and fuli images sont super pour personnaliser ton monde, partager avec tes ami(e)s et t'amuser. They were both members of the Lion Guard, a group of animals who are sworn to protect The Pridelands as well as the circle of life. As acheetah, her position on the team is the Fastest in the Pride Lands. This was gonna be hard on the pride. Fuli est une amie de Kion, un ancien membre de la Garde du Roi lion et un membre actuel de la tribu à l'Arbre de Vie. Des kion and fuli graphiques gratuits pour plus de créativité et du fun artistique. Despite being his childhood friend, Fuli initially is distrustful of Kion's team and laments on the importance of lions in the Pride Lands. Kion meets his grand uncle's spirit, Scar. Edit of Kaa hypnotizing Kion and Fuli and hugging them in his coils Utilise des kion and fuli graphiques, des cliparts, des stamps et des autocollants avec notre éditeur de photos gratuit pour créer des kion and fuli images exceptionnelles, des icônes originales et des kion and fuli images personnalisées, puis montre-nous tes talents d'artiste! Kion attacked by Ushari. shouted Fuli Kion finally got to power, and faithful Fuli accompanies him on this difficult path. "Til the Pridelands and The Tree of Life end, Lion Guard and Night Pride defend." Add to calendar. Oct 1, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by dzgirl. After Kion becomes the leader of the Lion Guard, he appoints Fuli the position as the fastest member of the group. KION Group generates consistently strong level of order intake in the first nine months of 2020 (news with additional features) Detail. Mar. Kion and Rani's Lion Guard and Night Pride is a group of heroes led by Kion and Rani. But what happens when Kion is seeing some weird things? Kion said as he swam over to her and wrapped his arms around her, "Its okay! e her from the vultures in Baboons. Kion, Fuli and Bunga meet Mpishi. Games Movies TV Video. 127,464 Pages. Kion defeats Scar by summoning the Great Lions of the Past to extinguish him with rain . Kion and Fuli continue being leaders of the lion guard. She's one of Kion's friends. Category:Kion and Fuli | The Parody Wiki | Fandom. 28. Fuli is the third protagonist in The Lion Guard series. "Thank you Fuli, I don't know what I'd do without you." 8 черв. Fuli: (hugs kion) I love you my little lion Kion: I love you too, my beautiful cheetah. 20.1K 598 79. At first, both Kion and Fuli tried to ignore the natural phenomena after being slightly awakened by it, but as seconds went by, the wind got stronger and the eerie whistling sound of the wind resembling that of a wailing banshee broke the peaceful silence, making it impossible for the felines to carry on with their slumber. Popular pages . Fuli catches the scent. a cold breeze came into the cave fuli was shivering so she closed the gap between her and kion, kion opened his eyes to see fuli snuggled up next to him kion blushed but also smiled, he snuggled into fuli and then the two felines drifted off to sleep. your own Pins on Pinterest Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search Sign In Don't have an account? Kion est le fils de Simba et Nala et le frère cadet de Kiara. Fuli walks up next to Kion and puts her hand on his shoulder, like she did that one night at the watering hole before, and she whispers in his ear, " I'm here for you Kion." Kion fighting Kenge. Les kion and fuli images sont super pour personnaliser ton monde, partager avec tes ami(e)s et t'amuser. Fuli finally found Simba,Nala and Kion's big sister, Kiaria, traveling together to search for Kion. 2021-04-28. While dealing with the lost of Kovu my sister's mate. Fuli was caught off guard, and when she turned back to ask Kion what were they going to do in the den, the lion was already gone. kion and fuli images pour créer des kion and fuli e-cartes, des profils personnalisés, des blogs, des publications sur murs et des kion and fuli albums, page 1 de 250. Add new page. Despite Fuli’s tendency to become annoyed by Bunga’s antics, they have a close relationship, as seen when Fuli saves Bunga from the hyenas and when he helps sav. He closed his eyes and leaned the embrace, enjoying the moment, and feeling truly at peace as did Fuli. UPDATES AND EDITS FULI: Since the beginning of the series, the lack of the real cheetah's face stripes in Fuli's face and the shape/look of her nose has been slightly bugging me, though I do love her outer look nonetheless. 2021-03-02. He orders his team to fan out, and once they have the underbrush surrounded, he yells for them to move in. Well, look at Donkey and Dragon. Apr. Kion, after looking for Fuli for around an hour, finally found her laying across one big acacia tree, and noticed that she was worried. Fuli gets close to Kion and leans her head on his shoulder, taking Kion by surprise. They still wouldn't be able to have kids. Fuli and Kion then sniff the rhino to pick up Mwenzi's scent and, after acquiring it, they rush off to find the missing tickbird. kionxfuli; kionxrani; thelionking +1 more #3. Kion and Fuli continue tracking the scent but to no avail. SpaceTimer wrote: It is just a show, so Kion and Fuli can get together. He felt calm and in control of himself. Fuli approaches kion and kisses him Kion: (surprised but then let go of the kiss) After the kiss. Fuli loves Kion very much like a brother Bunga. Elle est un personnage majeur dans La Garde du Roi lion: Un nouveau cri et La Garde du Roi lion. 02. Kion fights Makucha. Fuli: aww kion how cute you are thanks kion (he puts the flower) now I'll give you my Demonstration of love towards you. 209 Favourites. FANDOM. fuli kion lion tlg the_lion_king the_lion_guard cheetah lion_king. Aug 10, 2020 - Explore Maeg's board "Adult Kion and Fuli", followed by 156 people on Pinterest. Fuli couldn't keep her worries and questions to herself anymore, so she opened up to Kion, guessing that he'd probably understand her, since he was the one who had a special bond with his grandfather, Mufasa. Kion and Fuli. Ni and Sarafina looked at Kiara their granddaughter and what their son did to her. "Normally, I'd be freaking out a lot more than this…" she said, "But… you have a surprisingly calming effect on me, Kion." kion and fuli images pour créer des kion and fuli e-cartes, des profils personnalisés, des blogs, des publications sur murs et des kion and fuli albums, page 4 de 250. Everytime the Lion Guard faces their enemies, Kion will constantly jump on the leader of the group (ex: Janja, Makuu, Kiburi, and Reirei) In a flashback in the Season 2 episode "The Morning Report," it's revealed that Kion has known Bunga and Fuli since he was a young cub. kion and fuli images pour créer des kion and fuli e-cartes, des profils personnalisés, des blogs, des publications sur murs et des kion and fuli albums, page 6 de 250. Show More. With Bunga's observation, the Guard conclude that they've been in circles. See more ideas about Kion, Lion guard, Lion king. Download PDF. 2020 - Explore luris's board "Kion and Fuli" on Pinterest. Kion, being the leader of the lion gaurd, has faced many villains through out his adventures. Kion est également le petit-fils de Mufasa, Sarabi, et du père de Nala, le petit-neveu de Scar, et le lointain parent d'Askari. Discover (and save!) In fact, Fuli had a nickname that some of the animals of the Pridelands would call her, blur. Fuli skidded to a stop, but since she was going so fast she couldn't! " Les kion and fuli images sont super pour personnaliser ton monde, partager avec tes ami(e)s et t'amuser. As the hunt persists, Kion pauses and remarks that he feels like something is watching them from the bushes. Kion and Fuli as teenagers in Lion Guard season 3. LOOK OUT!" IMAGE DETAILS . I've got you!" Publication of 2020 annual report / Financial statements press conference and analyst call. All News. It all started in The Pridelands where a teen-age lion named Kion and his female friend Fuli the cheetah were walking around on patrol. Fuli is one of Kion's childhood friends. He could feel his heartbeat and breathing slow, her words act like a medicine. "Everything is gonna be ok Kion, I promise." He never knew that Fuli had a softer side. The Parody Wiki. Il est le deuxième né de la famille royale, le Prince de la Terre des Lions, l'ancien chef de la Garde du Roi lion, le Roi de l'Arbre de Vie, et le compagnon de Rani.
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